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28 August 2014

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Recent Astrophotography Images

(Click on the image below for more information.)

The Double Cluster

Contact Information:

E-mail Address:

jon [at] wt5l [dot] com

Principle Imaging Location:

Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida

Latitude: 29o 25m 12s North

Longitude: 82o 51m 00s West

Alternate Imaging Location:

Indialantic, Florida

Latitude: 28o 05m 00s North

Longitude: 80o 36m 00s West

About This Website:

Since this site contains both monochrome and color images, it is important that the display is properly adjusted for viewing.  Take a look at the following grayscale:

Calibration Swatch

If your monitor is properly calibrated, you should be able to distiguish the 24 shades of gray shown in this image.  The white swath on the left should merge into the white of the background and the black swath on the right should merge into the black bar at the bottom of the swaths.  If you cannot distinguish the shades of gray, your monitor needs adjustments in brightness and contrast (at a minimum) to properly display images presented here.

For more information regarding a free monitor calibration wizard click on this link:

Additionally, due to the layout of this site, all pages are best viewed at a 24-bitcolor depth.  Some images have been reduced to fit on the main webpages.